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Monastery of Strofadia

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Zante 29100, Greece
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The Strofadia are two small islets ((Stamfani / Harpies)) in the Ionian Sea, just 27 nautical miles south of Cape Gerakas with a total area of approximately 2.6 square kilometers. The Strofades are well known for their beauty, lush vegetation and the passage of many species of migratory birds. According to legend the Strofades named like this because the Harpies Okythoi was chasing the sons of Boreas, Zitis and Kalai, and when they reached over the islands, they changed direction by turning back to join the Argonauts. The monastery is built on the larger of the two islands of Strofades ((Stamfani)), as well as the monastery castle with a wall height of 25 m, which is dedicated to Holy Mother of the “joy of all things”, and the patron of Zakynthos Saint Dennis, after living here some years of his life.
Also nice feeling will make the relief Virgin, and scenes of monastic life on the bells of the monastery. Finally ideal way to visit the islands is: with any small private boat, as the harbor is not big enough for the ferry boats. Note: Strofades been described as a place to protect marine turtle Caretta caretta, and for this reason it is part of the National Marine Park.





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