Kipseli Resort

Kipseli Resort Zante Zakynthos


Kipseli is located in the northeastern part of the island near the resort of Tsilivi. It is a developing tourist area with many points of interest as one of them is the spectacular beach of Drosias, which should definitely visit.

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Akrotiri Resort

Akrotiri Resort Zante Zakynthos


Akrotiri is located 2.5 km away from the center of the town, and 500 meters from the sea. It is a great place to stay, because it combines lots of green, sea and mountain. Places that you should see when you arrive at Akrotiri is the hill of Strani around 500 meters far, (house of the National Greek poet Dionysios Solomos) …

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Saint Sostis Resort

Agios Sostis Resort Zante Zakynthos


Saint Sostis is located right next to the famous Laganas, i.e. about 10 km from the town of Zakynthos. The beautiful beach of Saint Sostis is the natural continuation of the largest and most popular beaches of Zante (Laganas) and is perfect choice for families since the clean, and shallow water offers security for small children. Couples also prefers this beach …

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Kalamaki Resort

Kalamaki Resort Zante Zakynthos


Kalamaki is a small village very close to Laganas and just 7 kilometers from the town of Zakynthos. The beach of Kalamaki is the extension beach of Laganas, so you can understand the relationship between them. The beach of Kalamaki, as also Laganas are very famous for the Caretta Caretta turtles that lay their babies. …

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Tsilivi Resort

Tsilivi Resort Zante Zakynthos


Tsilivi is a seaside tourist resort, just 6 km away from the center of the  town. Year after year Tsilivi is getting better with the result to be one of the most famous resort in Zakynthos. There you will find many traditional Greek tavernas, cafes and many tourist shops. Also the beautiful long beach of …

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Laganas Resort

Laganas Resort Zante Zakynthos


Laganas is located on the southwest side of the island, about 7 km from the center of the town. The resort of Laganas is the most popular in Zakynthos, as it offers a multitude of choices in hotels, apartments, restaurants, bar, clubs, shops, convenient – frequent transportation by bus to the town of Zakynthos, taxi, and too …

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Keri Resort

Keri Resort Zante Zakynthos


Keri is located at the southeastern tip of the island, and the distance from the center of the town is about 20 km. The traditional architecture and the magnificent natural scenery, characterize this region and makes it unique. In the resort of Keri you will see the church of Our Lady of Keriotissa (18th century) with its impressive …

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Alykes Resort

Alykes Resort Zante Zakynthos


Alykes is located northeast of Zakynthos, about 18km from the center of the town. The area got its name from the salt marshes that were there, supplying salt to the whole island. In the center of Alykes you will find many tourist shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels to suit all your summer needs. The golden sandy …

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Argasi Resort

Argasi Resort Zante Zakynthos


Argassi is one of the most beautiful tourist places of the island. The walking distance from the city center (4 km) helps to the easy movement of the tourists. The natural beauty of the area contributed to the development of a popular resort. The lush landscape with its endless golden sand and the crystal clear turquoise water, transforms Argassi …

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Artemision Resort


The semi-mountainous rural township of Artemision is located in the Central coast, and the places are composed is: Macherado, Santa Marina, St. Leo, the Saints Pantes, Vougiato Galaro, Gyri, Kiliomenos, Lagadakia, Loucha, Romiri and Fioliti. Seat of the municipality of Artemisiwn is Macherado, which is settlement of the island. The main economic activity of the municipality are:  the cultivation of olives, grapes, vines …

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Vasilikos Resort

Vasilikos Resort Zante Zakynthos


The beautiful village of Vassilikos is situated in the southeastern part of the island, about 16 kilometers from the town of Zakynthos. In Vassilikos you will find many of the most exciting and cosmopolitan beaches of the Island. An important advantage for the area is the easy access for vehicles to any beach you choose from. Some …

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Volimes Resort


Volimes is located north of the island, about 20 kilometers from the town of Zakynthos. Year by year the area is growing more and more. Very close to the area you will find many beautiful beaches with pebbles and turquoise waters. There are also small boats in the small port of St. Nicholas of Volimes, making …

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Gerakari-Psarou Resort

Gerakari Psarou Resort Zante Zakynthos


Gerakari is located northeast of the island, about 13 kilometers from the center of Zakynthos Town. It consists of 3 parts: Upper Gerakari , meso Gerakari and Kato Gerakari The whole village has about 750 inhabitants. Accommodation in this village presupposes calmness and relaxation. It is a perfect choice for families and couples looking for …

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Zante Town Resort

Zante Town Resort Zakynthos Island


Capital city and main harbor of the island, Zakynthos Town is the place everyone should visit. The numerous shops, restaurants and cafes are the only sure thing that you will see there. Also you shouldn’t miss the 2 famous museums, one of Solomou and the other is the Byzantine. Moreover you will see the huge temple of Saint Dennis, protector of the Island. …

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