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Artemision Resort

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Zakynthos, Greece
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The semi-mountainous rural township of Artemision is located in the Central coast, and the places are composed is: Macherado, Santa Marina, St. Leo, the Saints Pantes, Vougiato Galaro, Gyri, Kiliomenos, Lagadakia, Loucha, Romiri and Fioliti. Seat of the municipality of Artemisiwn is Macherado, which is settlement of the island.

The main economic activity of the municipality are:  the cultivation of olives, grapes, vines and vegetables. It is also worth to note that in the mountainous part of D. Artemisiwn, ie St. Leo, Gyri, Loucha, and Kiliomenos will find great craftsmen of stone, particularly stone cutters and potters.

At the Municipality of Artemisiwn is remarkable to visit the following sights:

  • The mountain village of Louhas, promoted to create the Open Museum.
  • The mountain village of Gyrion
  • The old settlements  of Lagadakia, saints Pantes and Galaro.
  • The old Square and the traditional buildings of the village of Santa Marina.
  • The unique-very old steeple of the church of Macherado,in the central square of the village.
  • The Monastery of Yperagathou, which belongs to the Sina and built next to the beautiful forest of pines and oaks perennial.
  • The church and the bell tower of St. John the Baptist(18th century)
  • Cultural space “Crypt”, an exhibition area of Zakynthian painting, Greek
    artists and musical events, in traditionally building with a courtyard
    garden, (at Macherado).



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