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St. Dennis

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  • Agios Dionisios Church Zante Zakynthos
  • Agios Dionisios Church Zante Zakynthos
  • Agios Dionisios Church Zante Zakynthos


Markovitz 1
Zante - Town 29100, Greece
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The church of St. Dennis is located in the center of the island, opposite the port of Zakynthos. The church is the largest in the country and houses the relics of St. Dionysius in an embossed silver urn designed by G. Bafa, which remains intact today, since 1622. St. Dennis lived and worked in Zakynthos since the mid-16th and early 17th and during the
last years of his life he had retired to the monastery of the Virgin Anafonitria where there forgave the murderer of his brother. Eventually he died at the age 75 on December 17, 1622, with his last wishes to be buried in the church of St. George Strofades. But three years after they delivered him to the church where he is now. Is the patron saint and protector of the people of Zakynthos and the words are superfluous if you don’t visit him soon.




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